Documentation of installation.


2015, computer-controlled installation

Antique photo, custom computer applications, video projection, mixed media

A turn-of-the-century photograph of a woman sits in an antique box as glimpses of her family, friends, and life float by in an endless parade. This parade of imagery is the content of an antique photo album; a custom computer application compresses and projects the digital imagery onto this single photograph. Over the span of the exhibition, a computer virus will pixelate, distort, and degrade the digital contents of the antique photo album. This virus corrupts and degrades the digital images files on the hard drive of the computer. Array touches on the inevitable degeneration of data and memory, whether digital or analog, human or machine.


Foss Waterway Seaport, Tacoma, WA

Reviews and Press

"Artifacts, False Memories and Projections curated by Lisa Kinoshita," Alec Clayton, The Volcano