Prototype of twitching bags, which will be hanging from clotheslines throughout the installation. They will interact with the environment around them, twitching and writhing in response to external stimulus.

Stress testing my projection mapping engine. In it's final iteration, the projection will cover approximately 30 feet. The birds will flutter about, land on physical objects, bump into the edges of the wall and ceiling, and eventually pile up on the floor, dead or exhausted.

Prototype of projected figure in window. The figure is an autonomous, computer-controlled puppet dynamically generated in Unity 3D.

Prototype of miniature Pepper's Ghost, created from discarded plastic, cardboard, and a tablet computer.

Interactive video projection test. Using a Microsoft Kinect, I am tracking the position of my body and updating the view in a Unity 3D scene. For the viewer interacting, it creates the sensation of moving through the 3D scene.

MacDowell Colony

2015-16, studies for computer-controlled installation

Custom computer applications, motors, microcontrollers, video projectors, Kinect

Work and studies created during a residency at The MacDowell Colony, January-February, 2016. Most of the prototypes were created in support of a large scale installation I am preparing for Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival, 2016.