So Long

2009, computer controlled installation

Networked computers, custom computer applications, video projection, motors, paper, speakers

In the center of the room, a cartoon bird walks through endless, empty computer generated rooms projected on a collapsing paper house. A dead tree projected in the corner communicates through bells and windblown car lot streamers. On the floor, a paper bird flaps out messages using its single intact wing. Each of the characters communicate in Morse Code, trapped and unaware of the other.

The installation is controlled by several computer applications running across networked computers. The applications communicate with each other like a networked video game, but the system is self contained and controls itself with no user interaction.


Jack Straw New Media Gallery, Seattle, WA


"Banshee Improv, Fluxus, and Birds That Emote in Morse Code," Christopher Delaurenti, The Stranger

"Brent Watanabe's 'So Long' blends low- and high-tech," Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times


Residency: The Jack Straw Foundation