2010, interactive installation

custom computer applications, video projection, string, tin cans, electrical conduit, microprocessor, modified Victrola, music box

"The little cartoon bird by Watanabe is living in that buzzy place where transformation might happen, staggering comically across the gallery wall along one of the building's exposed pipes. Watanabe knits together two dimensions and three; you don't have to choose between material and immaterial planes, because they're linked. Best of all, despite the intelligence of the work, the bird doesn't take himself too seriously. He's a parody of neurosis. He calms down if you crank the music, and a set of tin cans "send" the music box's sound from your hand to his needy ear." -Jen Graves, The Stranger


Wing Luke Museum, Seattle, WA


“Wing Luke exhibit pushes video's boundaries all over the place”, Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times

“Against Transcendence”, Jen Graves, The Stranger


Videographer: Valerie Vozza