Documentation of installation.


2016, computer-controlled installation

Custom computer applications, motors, microcontrollers, video projectors

For Bumbershoot 2016, Seattle based artist Brent Watanabe creates a large scale multi-media installation titled 'operand'. 'operand' is the abstracted remains of a parking lot carnival and the creatures abandoned in its wake. An automated carny moves about frantically in his shack, pulling levers and flipping switches, while a ghostly watchdog diligently stands guard. A handful of holographic birds tug and struggle to escape a dumpster overflowing with trash, as flocks of birds hover and circle in the distance beneath carnival lights and pennants. Creatures trapped in plastic take out bags twitch and shiver in drifts of garbage and detritus.

This project was made possible by the generous support of The MacDowell Colony and a 4Culture Tech-Specific grant.


Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival, Seattle, WA

Reviews and Press

"Five must-see art shows in September," Michael Upchurch, The Eastside News